When navigating my content, you’ll note it’s descriptively tagged so you can have the most enjoyable, safest listening experience possible. I’ve created this (perennially under-construction) guide for some of my “FAQ” tags. Note: these are descriptive tags. Please do your research and have the right discussions to practice safely, both alone or with a consenting partner.

[ASMR] – Content made for relaxation, often containing a sound ambience (rain, waves, breeze, etc.)

[Brat Taming] – A scenario where the submissive “misbehaves” to get attention from the dominant. The dominant then straightens the brat right out ;3

[Breathplay] – Elements of choking/hand on throat. As you should never apply pressure to the trachea directly, this involves a squeeze to the neck limits blood supply, causing you to feel a little euphoric

[Breeding/Impreg] – Scenarios where the act of getting you pregnant is the kink itself. What makes the kink so hot for many is the ownership and possession involved (as well as all the cum)

[Care Package] – A set of (generally) safe-for-work audios featuring nurturing cuddles, cat purrs, and positive affirmation

[CNC Roleplay] – Consensual nonconsent. A scenario where both partners consent to a roleplay featuring elements of simulated nonconsent

[Cockwarming] – The act of staying inside you, keeping my cock “warm.” Can be after climax or just us hanging out on the sofa d;

[Cum Play] – Where we do something with cum after orgasm. Creampie eating, cumswap kisses, all that fun stuff

[CMNF] – Clothed male, nude female


– Caregiver/little (CGL), Dom/sub roleplay where the primary focus is on nurture. The dominant may be referred to as “Daddy”. In this scenario, “Daddy” can be any gender or orientation; it’s all about the care! Mommy Domme/little boy (MDlb) is another example of CGL roleplay


[Degradation] –Harder [Namecalling] language that’s delivered to be insulting for the purposes of turning you on (including [Humiliation] and [Condescension])

[Dollification] – Scenario where the dominant treats the submissive like a possession (eg. a doll)

[Fearplay] – Like a sexy horror movie or erotic roller coaster, a controlled, safe experience to generate fear. Mixed with arousal and sex acts, this can be a VERY stimulating and intense experience

[Filthy Whispers] – A soft-spoken audio format where there is no scene, just me talking to you like I were really there.  Candid and hot.

[Free Use] – Scenarios where the dominant can “Freely Use” the submissive for sex at any time

[Master/slave] – Scenario in which the dominant has complete control over the actions of the submissive

[Namecalling] – The use of slightly offensive names for the purposes of generating arousal (my little slut, dirty boy, etc.) Harder play = [Degradation][Condescension] or [Humiliation]

[Orgasm Torture] – The dominant controls and/or causes the submissive to orgasm repeatedly (incl. [Forced Orgasm])

[Outercourse] – Sexual contact between genitals not involving penetration. Think dry humping or lap-grinding

[Pet Play] – Scenarios in which the dominant treats the submissive like a possessed pet (kitten, bunny, puppy, etc). May be combined w/ [DDlx] or [Master/slave] play

[Primal Roleplay] – Scenarios in which the dominant will display animalistic qualities (eg. hunter/prey, brute force, lots of growls, marking, etc.)

[Psycho Roleplay] (aka [OwO Jim]) – Roleplays in which I’m playing a crazy character, OBVIOUSLY for the purposes of creativity, fantasy, and fun

[Sensation Play] – Using things like feathers, metal objects, fire, or other elements to generate arousal by sensations on the skin

[Size Difference] – Roleplays where the dominant is physically much larger than the submissive. Can really help you feel “small” and taken care of <3

[Sleep Play] – Scenarios that simulates sexual contact initiated by the dominant while the submissive is asleep

[Tsundere] Pronounced “tsoon-deh-reh”, A character who switches from being tough and cold towards a love interest into being soft and sweet

[Wild Card] – Fun projects where I stretch my creativity to bring more variety to the catalog.  These may be of more limited appeal/audience (eg. curve appreciation, historical roleplay, etc.)

[Yandere] Pronounced “yan-deh-reh”, a stalker who is tremendously obsessed with you in an [OwO Jim] kind of way

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