Colleagues [Preview]

[M4M] Colleagues [MDom] [Yandere] [CNC Roleplay] [Co-Worker] dropping you off after [Happy Hour] comes in to [Use Restroom] but [Confesses “Feelings”] [Obsessed] [Nerve Agent] [You Must Obey] [Instructions] [Handjob] [Blowjob] to [Deep] [Doggie] [Anal] [Creampie] [Breeding] w/ your new [Boyfriend]

The Dark Side [Preview]

[M4F] The Dark Side [MDom] [Master/slave] [CNC Roleplay] [Captured] in [Villain’s Lair] [Chained] & [Suspended] [You Used to be MY Sidekick] [Jealousy] [Taking Back What’s Mine] [Chemical Aphrodisiac] turning you into a [Brain Dead] [Fuckslave] [Degradation] [Clit Play] [Arms Pinned] [Doggie] [Creampie] [Floor & Boot Cum Licking]

The Nice Guy [Preview]

[M4F] The Nice Guy [MDom] [Psycho] [CNC Roleplay] [Good Friend] [Rushing to your Aid] because of [Home Intruder] [I’m Here] [You’re Safe] [Confessing Feelings] [Jealous] of [Your Boyfriend] [Knifeplay] [Clothes Cutting] [Knife-on-Throat] [Blowjob] & [Reverse Cowgirl] to [Possessive] [Impreg] [Creampie] [OwO Jim]

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