Under Control [M4M] [Preview]

[M4M] Under Control [MDom] [Vampire Boyfriend] [Hypnosis] to get you into [Subspace] on a [Rainy Night] to [Breed You] with [2 Loads] [Unlimited Cum] [Blowjob] to [Deep] [Precum as Lube] [Mating Press] [Anal] [Creampie] then [Manhandled] for [Prone Bone] [2nd Creampie] [Aftercare]

Colleagues [Preview]

[M4M] Colleagues [MDom] [Yandere] [CNC Roleplay] [Co-Worker] dropping you off after [Happy Hour] comes in to [Use Restroom] but [Confesses “Feelings”] [Obsessed] [Nerve Agent] [You Must Obey] [Instructions] [Handjob] [Blowjob] to [Deep] [Doggie] [Anal] [Creampie] [Breeding] w/ your new [Boyfriend]

Howl [M4M] [Preview]

[M4M] Howl [DDlg] [Werewolf Daddy] [Awaiting] the [Full Moon] & [Chained] so you can [Worship] his [Giant Wolf Cock] after he turns [Handjob] [Blowjob] [Flooding Precum] [Finger it In] then [Manhandled] & [Lowered] onto [Daddy’s Cock] [Rough] [Anal] [Used Like a Toy] [Creampie] [Aftercare] [GROWLS]

The Hunter [Preview]

[M4M] The Hunter [MDom] [Vampire/hunter] on [Halloween Night] [Paralyzed] & [Pinned Upside Down] to the [Wall] by my [Hypnotic Powers] [Condescension] [Facefucking] [You’re a fucking amateur…] while I [Tease] & [Stroke] you then [Deep] [Anal] to [Creampie] w/ [Induced-Orgasm] then [Kept in Chains]

Package Deal [Preview]

[M4M] Package Deal [Delivery Guy] helps you with [Huge Package] into your [Play Room] [New Sex Gear] [Seducing Me] w/ a [Wand] & [Wet Handjob] to [Blowjob] [Fingering] then [Riding Anal] to [Deep Creampie]

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