Frequently Asked Questions

How can I have the most fun enjoying your content?


Easy! Do it safely and with informed consent! I encourage EVERYONE to check out the guide to enjoying my content before getting started.

Do You Make Custom Content?

I do, and orders are now OPEN for premium customers. Click here for more info.

What is the best way to see EVERYTHING you post?

I post links to all my content here at You also have a handy search feature up at the top and the ability to click on tags on the bottom of each post to search the entire catalogue. Give it a try!

For up to date info on my NSFW content and links, follow me on Twitter @feelgoodfilth.

Do you have social media?


Find all my NSFW links on Twitter @feelgoodfilth


For updates on fun, wholesome, everyday life stuff + live streams, follow me on Instagram @filthyjimnova.  


Discord is where I interact most with my fans (it’s the gaming/leisure version of slack).  I try and pop in when I can and say hi, share my daily wordle, have game nights and get live feedback on my content from you fine filthies. All premium members get access, so join today and come say hi!

What do the [Tags] mean?


I give a 300 (or so) character ‘Marquee’ so you can catch the vibe of an audio to ensure it’s right for you and give informed consent to your roleplay experience.


You can navigate my audios by clicking on the tag links within each post. If you have any questions regarding tags, please check out my Content Tags Guide

Are free audios posted to here different from what you post on Pornhub/tube sites?


No, it’s the same audio.  I edit the titles and present my audio differently on the tube sites in order to catch your eyes before I hit your ears.

Who is the cat in the SFW audio?


That’s Admiral Nelson.  I adopted him at 5 weeks old and had him nearly 17 years.  On August 29th, 2021 (as I was building this site) he ran away and never came back.  Although it still breaks my heart, it makes me happy to know his purrs and cuteness can continue to bring joy to all. I dedicate this site to his memory <3

It looks like your content is kinky. Does that mean it isn’t romantic?


For lots of people (me included) the safe, sane and consensual practice of kink can be a way to explore intimacy in a controlled environment with defined boundaries and expectations.

Through DDlg play, I actually allowed “feeling” into sex for the first time, and that (in time) helped me in my non-kink sex life. BDSM play can also really bring partners together and strengthen a connection through enlightening (and sometimes intense) shared experiences. My content is made with love (even the crazy stuff), and many of my kinky audios have sweet, romantic aftercare. Expand your mind and give a soft dom a chance at romance!

Do you make your NSFW audio with a partner?


No. I am the only individual who appears in my audio content on this site.

Can we collab on an XXX video?


Possibly! Send all collab requests to

How do you make the “sounds”?


SFX add to the immersion factor of the audio, so I take them very seriously! All of my sex sounds are made w/ my anatomy and various lubes, recorded, and added to the SexFX library for future use. For my other SFX, I subscribe to a repository service so I can download as needed.

I love your content. How can I support you AND hear your best stuff?

You’ll get the BEST deals on my audio content by joining here. Its important to me to keep affordable prices, both to provide you with the BEST value in porn, but also keep you around!

Just $1 gets you a 1 week trial of the Filthiest tier!*

The Filthies – $3.99/mo…

  • Instant access to over 120+ (and counting) premium audios
  • 2 M4F audios
  • 2 M4M audios 🏳️‍🌈
  • Bonus solo pics/clips
  • Discord access

The Filthiest – $9.99/mo…

  • Access to 220+ of my BEST audios and 35+ solo videos
  • 6 M4F audios (ft. harder play and TABOO kinks)
  • 2 M4M audios 🏳️‍🌈 
  • Monthly solo videos
  • Discord Access

For those of you who’d like to interact with me (and your fellow fun filthies) ALL subscribers get free access to my (mostly) safe-for-work Discord Server, where we have game nights, play Animal Crossing, and just chat like normal people on the regular. Join today for access!


*Billed at $9.99 thereafter, cancel or change tiers at any time

What shows up on my credit card statement?


Transactions on my site are discreetly billed as EPOCH *fgfmedia

I see links with “aMember”  on the site. What’s that?


aMember is an industry standard tool I use to manage memberships and payments on the back end.  You may notice “memberful” when you sign up for discord; they’re who I use to provision my access there. 

How do I cancel my membership?


You can cancel your membership at any time by visiting Epoch, my payment processor.  Click here for the billing portal and enter your info to access your account info to cancel. 


If you’re looking for your account number, it can be found on your initial registration receipt from epoch.

How do i report site issues?

If you are experiencing issues with content or site access, please
Click here for my site support form.  

As I am a team of one, I make all attempts to respond within 24 hours. Please forgive any delays in advance.


Note: most account access issues are the result of credit card declines (which can happen with adult content purchases), please check your account status with epoch to ensure your account is in good standing.

Are you working on any site improvements?


I launched this site in February ’22 with a team of 1 (just me).  I now have a developer on retainer for support and will constantly be making small improvements bit-by-bit to give you a better FGF experience.   My work is primarily focused on keeping the site up, running, and secure for your enjoyment, however, I will consistently work to make it better.

Do you personally interact with fans via DM?


As there are many of you and one of me, this is increasingly tough! I read my DMs but there are only so many minutes in my day to respond, so I do my best.  NOTE: I DO NOT use this platform to sext w/ my fans.

Will you be my best buddy/boyfriend/daddy?


I love that folks enjoy my fantasy content, but please understand I’m a regular person. Even though I put lots of love and energy into every piece of content, I do it for ALL of my listeners. I love creating an intimate experience, but please be sure you’re managing parasocial attachments. 

Thanks for understanding <3

Will you give me mental health advice?


I love people and want them to be happy. I often share bits of my journey and shared experiences, but I am not a professional, so mental health help and advice-related questions should go here.

Would you collaborate with me/give an interview?


I’m currently not producing adult content with partners, however I love to do interviews, podcasts and am open to creative collaboration.  Contact me here.


Can I contact you here?


Sure! Click here for my contact form.


Note: I read all my messages but as I grow it’s hard to respond to all non-business communications. Thank you for understanding <3


Can I send you something? What’s your PO Box?

Send Men’s Large tees, stuffies and other nonperishables to…


FGF Media

PO Box 370221

Las Vegas NV 89137


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This site contains sexually oriented adult material intended for individuals 18 years of age or older. If you are not yet 18, if adult material offends you, or if you are accessing this site from any country or locale where adult material is prohibited by law, PLEASE LEAVE NOW! If you understand and accept these terms, you may proceed. 

…Either way, have a great day! :D