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[M4F] Head Master [MDom] [CNC Roleplay] [Boarding School] [In Trouble] [After Class] An [Exasperated] [Principal's] [Last Resort] [Stern] [Ruler Spanking] then [Clit Play] [Overstimulation] with [Fingers] & [Wand] [Forced Orgasm] [Condescension] [Degradation] [Humiliation] then [Doggie] to [Creampie] to [Walk of Shame]
[M4F] Don't Let Go [DDlg] [Relaxing Together] in my [New Place] w/ your [New Daddy] [Cuddling] [Kissing] [Praise] [Instructions] & [Encouragement] for [Thigh Grinding] [Nipple Play] then [Manhandling] [Onto His Lap] for [Slit Fucking] then [Pumped From The Bottom] to [Intimate] [Creampie] [Romantic] [Aftercare]
XXX Video [DDlg] [Waking Her Up] & [Making Her Cum]
[M4M] All Over Again [DDlb] [Daddy's Home] after a [Long Time Away] [Kisses & Squeezes] [I Missed You Baby!] [Carried] to the [Sofa] [Laid Back] for [Mutual] [Wet Stroking] [Anal Fingering] getting you ready to [Breed] w/ [Mating Press] [Anal] to [Deep Creampie] [Mutual Orgasm] [Cum Play] [Cockwarming] [Aftercare]
[M4F] The Tea [DDlg] [Taking Care] of [Sick Daddy] w/ a [Warm Beverage] & [Blanket Snuggles] & [Discussing] Daddy's ["Work Ideas"] turns into [Caressing] & [Under the Sweatpants] [Handjob] [Blowjob] [Nipple] & [Clit Play] [Oral Creampie] [Mutual Orgasm] [Gentle] [Sweet]
XXX Video [DDlg] [Romatic] [Multi-O] [Breeding]
XXX Video [DDlg] [Romatic] [Multi-O] [Breeding]
[M4F] Starved [Hold the Moan] [Couple] [Stuck] at [Your Parents'] due to [Flight Cancellation] [Separate Bedrooms] until [You Sneak In] to [Play w/ My Cock] [Reluctant] [They'll Hear] [Giving In] [Clit Play] [Fingering] [Mutual Orgasm] [Cum Tasting] [Cum Swap]
[M4M] Starved [Hold the Moan] [Couple] [Stuck] at [Your Parents'] due to [Flight Cancellation] [Separate Bedrooms] until [You Sneak In] to [Play w/ My Cock] [Reluctant] [They'll Hear] [Giving In] [Mutual Handjob] & [Ball Play] to [Mutual Orgasm] [Cum Tasting] [Cum Swap]
[M4F] First Thing [Gentle MDom] [Waking You Up] w/ [Kisses] [Cockwarming] [All Night] after [Intense] [Multiple Creampie] Sex [Ear Kisses] [Nipple Play] [Thigh Fucking] [Checking In] then [You Slip it In] [Spoonfucking] light [Breathplay] [Praise] [Reach-Around Clit Play] [Mutual Orgasm] [Aftercare] [Romantic]
[M4F] Getting Messy [DDlg] [Daddy Coming Home] to [Catch You] [Masturbating] [Hitachi Wand] [Keep Going, Baby] [Stroking Along] [Fingering] to [Missionary] [Feet-on-Shoulders] [G-Spot Fucking] to [Messy] [Impreg] [Creampie] [Praise] [Aftercare] [Cockwarming]
XXX Video [DDlg] [Spanking] & [Owning] Her Little Pussy
[M4F] Stuffed [DDlg] [Couple] [Decompressing] [By the Fire] after [Holiday Celebration] [Kissing] & [Touching] [Horny Baby] starts [Cock, Ball & Ass Worship] to [Mutual Fingering] [Ass Play] then [Rimjob] w/ [Clit Play] [From Behind] before [Slow] [Gentle] [Deep] [Doggie] [First-Time] [Anal] [Reassurance] [Praise] [Anal Creampie] [Aftercare]
[M4F] Bedtime Story [MDom] [Shy Guy] finally [Saying Hello] at the [Library] [I Was Curious] [What Were You Writing?] [Shy?] [I Write, Too] sneaking into [Reading Room] [Sharing Your Work] [Kissing] [Caressing] to [Gentle] [Sleep Play] [Scenario] w/ [Nipple] & [Clit Play] while [I Jack Off] to [Cumshot] [Aftercare]
XXX Video [DDlg] [Blindfold] [Bondage] [Hitachi] [Edging] [Orgasm Control] [ft. Makayla Moon]
[M4F] Demon Seed [MDom] [Incubus] [3 Loads] [CNC Roleplay] via [Telekinesis] [Bondage] via [Mind/Body Control] [Condescension] [Fingering] [Slit Fucking] to [Body Cumshot] [Nipple Play] [G-Spot Fucking] [1st Creampie] & [Facial] [Facefucking it In] [Manhandling] [Rough] [Doggie] [2nd Creampie] [Cum Play]
[M4M] Repeat Business [MDom] [Incubus] [3 Loads] [CNC Roleplay] via [Telekinesis] [Sorry I'm a Little Late] [Dripping Precum] [Mutual Handjob] [Precum-as-Lube] [Mutual Prostate Fingering] [Painting Your Body in Cum] [Oral Creampie] [Super-Strength] [Manhandling] [Riding] [Creampie] then [Rough] [Pounding] to [2nd Creampie]
XXX Video [DDlg] [Wand on Clit] [Spanking] [Oral Creampie] [ft. Kizzy]
XXX Video [DDlg] [Gentle] [Praise] [8 Female Orgasms] [ft. Makayla Moon]
[M4F] Toybox [Gentle MDom] [Lingering] [After Close] in my [Sex Shop] yet [Again...] [Can I Help You?] [Don't Be Nervous] [That One?] [Good Choice] [You Want a 'Demo'?] [Wholesome] [Shoulder Massage] to [In The Back] [Teasing] [Nipple Play] [Wand-on-Clit] [G-Spot Fucking] to [Creampie]

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