Escape [Preview]

[M4F] Escape [DDlg] [Gentle] [Relaxing] in [Bed] at [Vacation Rental] listening to the [Ocean] [Slow] [Lazy] [Body Kisses] to [Blowjob] then [Cunnilingus] & [G-Spot Fingering] then [Holding You Close] for [Spoonfucking] to [Creampie] then [Cockwarming] [Aftercare] [Romantic] [Ocean SFX] [ASMR]

Stir Crazy

[M4F] Stir Crazy [MDom] [Yandere] [CNC Roleplay] [Sweet-but-Psycho] implied [Captive] & [Stockholm Syndrome] [Waking You From Nap] for [Afternoon Sex] to [Get You Pregnant] [Neck Kissing] [Caressing] [Pinned] [Thigh Fucking] [Spoonfucking] [Countdown] [Creampie] [I Love You] [OwO Jim] [TABOO] [13:07]

Hush, Hush

[M4F] Hush, Hush [Gentle MDom] [Impreg] [CNC] via [Sleep Play/Somno] [Soft Spoken] [Kisses] [Caresses] [Thigh Fucking] to [Gentle Spoonfucking] then [Possessive] [Breeding] [Creampie] to [Claim You Forever] [Romantic] [Praise] [Cockwarming] [Aftercare] [Relaxation SFX]

Feel Me

[M4F] Feel Me [Gentle MDom] [Naked Spooning] & [Touching] leads to [Cupping My Hand On Your Pussy] [Clit Play] [G-Spot Fingering] to [Messy] [Thigh Fucking] then [Spoonfucking] [Possessive] [Intimate] [Creampie] to [All Night] [Cockwarming] [Aftercare] lots of [Good Girl] [Praise] [ASMR Soundscape]

Reconnected [Preview]

[M4F] Reconnected [Gentle MDom] [Friends-to-Lovers] [Catching Up] [Your AirBnB] [Visiting Town] with us both [Recently Single] [Confession] then [Neck & Ear Kisses] [Caressing] [Hairpulling] [Against-the-Wall] [Fingering] [Cunnilingus] [Spoonfucking] [Possessive] [Creampie] [Aftercare] [Romantic]

Can’t Resist

[M4F] Can’t Resist [Gentle MDom] attempted [All-Night] [Cockwarming] but [He Can’t Control Himself] and [Has to Fuck You] because he’s [Throbbing] [Pulsing] & [Aching] [Inside You] [Losing Control] [Moaning] & [Growling] [Fucking] [Harder & Harder] to [Creampie] but [He Stays Inside] [Aftercare] [Praise]

All Mine [M4M]

[M4M] All Mine [DDlb] [Daddy] has you [All to Himself] [Cock-between-Thighs] [Cuddling] to [Handjob] then [Deep] [Romantic] [Anal] [Cuddlefuck] to [Possessive] [Creampie] [Praise] [Reassurance] [Aftercare] [Binaural] [ASMR]

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