What’s Coming [Preview]

[M4F] What’s Coming [DDlg] [Rough] [CNC Roleplay] [Teasing Daddy While He’s Working] leads to [Manhandling] [Carried Upstairs] [Belt Around Neck] [Facefucking] [Namecalling] then [Deep] [Hard] [Prone Bone] to [Creampie] then [Sweet] [Loving] [Romantic] [Cockwarming] [Aftercare] w/ [Rain Soundscape]

Red Light [M4M]

[M4M] Red Light [MDom] [Negotiating] our [First CNC Roleplay] and [Making Sure You’re Ready] then [Getting Started] w/ [Rough] [Facefucking] [Anal Fingering] then [Hard Anal Sex] causing [Safeword] then [Immediate] [Sweet] [Aftercare] [Making Sure You’re Okay] [Helping You Calm Down] [Reassurance]

Kept Man [Preview]

[M4M] Kept Man [MDom] [CNC Roleplay] via [Drugging] & [Abduction] on [Crime Boss’] [Yacht] [Chained] & [‘Receptive’] to your [New Reality] as [My Property] [Cock Worship] [Blowjob] [Unlocking 1 Wrist] to [Let You Stroke] [Facefuck] [Deepthroat] [Degradation] [Oral Creampie] & [Lick Up the Cum] from my [Shoes] & [The Floor] [Good Boy]

Reminder [Preview]

[M4F] Reminder [MDom] [CNC Roleplay] via implied [Stockholm Syndrome] & [Drugging] [“Kept”] on [Crime Boss’] [Yacht] & [Cuffed to Bed] to [Remind You] that you’re my [Dumb Little Fuckdoll] [Degradation] [Dollification] [Clit Play] [Fingering] [Blowjob] then [Rough] [Hairpulling] [Face-down] [Doggie] [Creampie] [Aftercare]

Anointed [M4M] [Preview]

[M4M] Anointed [MDom] [CNC] [Age Gap] [Religious Roleplay] in [Priest’s Office] because [So Sinful] for [So Long] now for your [Lesson] in [Repentance] [Instructions] [Strip] [Mutual Masturbation] w/ [“Holy Oil”] [Namecalling] [Degradation] [Humiliation] then [Pray With Me] to [Mutual Orgasm] [Facial] then [Taste Your Mess]

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