Hush, Hush

[M4F] Hush, Hush [Gentle MDom] [Impreg] [CNC] via [Sleep Play/Somno] [Soft Spoken] [Kisses] [Caresses] [Thigh Fucking] to [Gentle Spoonfucking] then [Possessive] [Breeding] [Creampie] to [Claim You Forever] [Romantic] [Praise] [Cockwarming] [Aftercare] [Relaxation SFX]

Bedtime Story [Preview]

[M4F] Bedtime Story [MDom] [Shy Guy] finally [Saying Hello] at the [Library] [I Was Curious] [What Were You Writing?] [Shy?] [I Write, Too] sneaking into [Reading Room] [Sharing Your Work] [Kissing] [Caressing] to [Gentle] [Sleep Play] [Scenario] w/ [Nipple] & [Clit Play] while [I Jack Off] to [Cumshot] [Aftercare]

Quiet, Baby

[M4F] Quiet, Baby [DDlg] [CNC Roleplay] via [Sleep Play] [Soft Spoken] [Daddy Waking Up From A Dream] [Taking What He Needs] [Shhh…] [Body Kisses] [Pulling Apart Your Pretty Ass] [Rimjob] [G-Spot Fingering] [Straddle Fucking] w/ [Hand Over Mouth] [Creampie] [Cockwarming] [Inside Til Morning] [10:25]

Just A Dream

[M4F] Just A Dream [DDlg] [CNC Roleplay] via [Gentle] [Loving] [Sleep Play] [Daddy Snuggles In] [Spooning] [Shhh…] [So Wet In Your Sleep] [Pet Names] [Whispers] [Thigh Fucking] to [Cuddlefuck] [Creampie] [Cockwarming] [Staying Inside All Night] [Daddy Loves You] [Soft Spoken] [Binaural] [ASMR]


[M4F] Bonded [MDom] [Stepbro/Sis] [CNC Roleplay] via [Sleep Play] [Don’t move, just listen…] [So wet…] [Namecalling] [Nipple Play] [Thigh Fucking] [Countdown] [Slip In In] [Just A Few Strokes] [Risky] [I’ll Pull Out] [Loss Of Control] [Stop Clenching!.. Don’t Cum!] [Accidental Creampie] [Taboo]

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