No Gay Shit [Preview]

[M4M] No Gay Shit [Walking In] on [Straight Buddy] [Jerking Off] during a [Pool Party] [Fuck Dude!] [Wtf is wrong with you!?] [I’m So Fucking Hard] [Watch if You Want…] [I Just Need to Cum] [Mutual Masturbation] [Mutual Orgasm]

Whsked Away [Preview]

[M4F] Whisked Away [MDom] [Victorian Period] [Train Adventure] w/ [New FiancŽ] ‘upgrading’ to a cabin with a [Full Bed] [Taking You] [Kissing] [Against The Wall] [Nipple Play] [Missionary] [Creampie] [Romantic]

Danger Zone [Preview]

[M4F] Danger Zone [MDom] [Fighter Pilot] [Boyfriend] here to [Talk] about tomorrow’s [Mission] and potentially say [Goodbye] after a big [Fight] [Romantic] [Passionate] [Make Up Sex] [Kissing] [Cunnilingus] [Fingering] [Spoonfucking] [Creampie] [Aftercare]

Flyboy [Preview]

[M4M] Flyboy [MDom] [Fighter Pilot] & [Jr. Wingman] [Locker Room] after [Sweaty] [Beach Volleyball] [Match] [Aggravated] at you [Showing Off] for the [Girls] but maybe it was [For Me?] your [Secret Crush] [On Your Knees] [Instructions] [Blowjob] [Ball Play] [Prostate Milking] [Oral Creampie] so you can [Focus] on the [Mission]

Good News [Preview]

[M4F] Good News [MDom] [Door-to-Door] [Salesman] [Paying Visit] to show you [A New Toy] [Demonstration?] [Massage] [Teasing] [Kissing] [Seduction] to [Wand-on-Clit] [G-Spot Fucking] [Creampie]

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