Ever After

[M4F] Ever After [DDlg] [Impreg] [Breeding] [Daddy’s Aching] and [Ready] to [Make You His Forever] w/ [2 Loads] [Cunnilingus] [Tonguefucking] [Ankles Held] [Missionary] [Precum on Pussy] as [Lube] [Creampie] [Intense] [Growls] [Harder] [2nd Creampie] [Cockwarming] [Aftercare] [Possessive] [Praise]

Needy Baby

[M4F] Needy Baby [DDlg] [Interrupting Daddy’s Chores] for [Attention] [On My Lap, Baby] [Sweet] [Makeout] [Breast Play] [Body Kisses] [Cock on Pussy] & [Nipple] [Teasing] [Affectionate] [Manhandling] [Lap Sex] [Creampie] [Baby Needs More] [Intense] [Cum As Lube] [Post-O Fucking] [2nd Creampie] [Aftercare]


[M4F] Payback [DDlg] [Masturbation] [Tying Daddy Down In His Sleep] [Waking Him Up] w/ a [Handjob] [Daddy Cums, You Keep Going] [Post Orgasm Torture] [Get On Top] [Messy Outercourse] [Daddy Gets Loose] [Manhandling] [Pounding Your Cunt] then [Anal] [Creampie] [Multiple Male Orgasms] [Aftercare]

Knock, Knock

[M4F] [DDlg] [Breeding] [Cunnilingus] [Countdown] [Deep Fucking] [Creampie] [Daddy Won’t Stop] [Clit Play] [2nd Countdown] [2nd Creampie] [Impreg] [SO MUCH CUM!] [Filthy] [Dirty Talk] [Degradation] [Namecalling] [Wet Cock Sounds] [Loud Cum Sounds]

Hell To Pay

[M4F] Hell To Pay [MDom] [Sex Demon] [I’ll Show Myself In] [Cunnilingus] [G-Spot Fingering] [Countdown] [Squirting] [Dirty Talk] [Manhandling] [Rough] [Big Cock] [Pounding] [2nd Countdown] [Creampie] [GROWLS] [Sex Worth Your Eternal Soul] [Wet Cock & Cum Sounds]

Fuck Me Senseless

[M4F] Fuck Me Senseless [Dirty Talk] [Riding Me] [Creampie] [You Won’t Stop] [OMG!] [Desperate] [Intense] [Begging] [Clit Play] [Countdown] [Second Creampie] [Real Multiple Orgasms] [Wet Cock Sounds] [Cum Sounds] [Ball Slaps] [Tinnitus Inducing Orgasm] [Masturbation] [JO in Stereo™]

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