Distracted [Preview]

[M4F] Distracted [MDom] [CNC Roleplay] [Boss’ Office] [After Hours] because your [Productivity] has been [Declining] instead of [Write Up] you get an [‘Unofficial’] [Disciplinary Action] [Ruler Spanking] [Slit Fucking] [Thumb In Ass] [Doggie] [Breathplay] [Namecalling] [On Birth Control?] [Risky Creampie] [Humiliation] [Cum Cleanup] from my [Leather Shoe]

Snatched [Preview]

[M4F] Snatched [MDom] [CNC] via [Alien Abduction] & [Telepathic Control] [Taken Aboard] for [Human Reproduction] [Experiments] w/ [Nipple] & [Clit] [Suction Devices] [Intense] [G-Spot Penetration] w/ [Probe] to [Universe-Shaking Orgasm] then delivered [Back to Bed] like [Nothing Happened]

Solo Video [Heavy Aching Balls] [Pounding] my [Fuckdoll] [Preview]

Solo Video [Heavy Aching Balls] [Pounding] my [Fuckdoll]

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