[M4F] Moonlight [DDlg] [CNC Roleplay] [Werewolf] [Night Time Hike] to [Secret "Campsite"] such a [Special Night] to [Become Closer] via [Breeding] [Transformation] [Rough] [Manhandling] [Lifted] for [Cunnilingus] then [Pumped] [Doggie] [Creampie] [Knotting] [Aftercare] [Ft. GROWLS]

Hey Filthies,

The camp site is just up ahead…


…this is going to be a very special night.

Enjoy, stay safe, and be well! <3

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  1. I guess I’m going to have a puppy in nine months? How many months? I think I’d be good at raising a baby werewolf..but I have six birds so that may be a problem. It may have to go live with you 🤓

    Anyway, that was a delightful distraction and I particularly loved being raised over your head and tasted. A new experience !🐺😍

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…Either way, have a great day! :D