Can’t Resist

[M4F] Can't Resist [Gentle MDom] attempted [All-Night] [Cockwarming] but [He Can't Control Himself] and [Has to Fuck You] because he's [Throbbing] [Pulsing] & [Aching] [Inside You] [Losing Control] [Moaning] & [Growling] [Fucking] [Harder & Harder] to [Creampie] but [He Stays Inside] [Aftercare] [Praise]

Hey Filthies,

I really want to stay inside all night…


…but I can’t stay still any longer.

Enjoy, stay safe, and be well! <3

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  1. A+! I’m known for being very grumpy when woken up, to say I’m not a morning person is a vast understatement (lol), but somehow I don’t think I would mind it so much if this were to happen. 🤔

    In fact, I might even venture to say that I would be pretty damn chipper (if a bit sore) in the morning lol!

    Folgers got it all wrong, the best part of waking up is Daddy in my cup. 😜 (Awful joke, but I couldn’t resist 😆)

    Many kudos sir! This one has officially made my favorites list! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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