Safe In My Arms [Aftercare]

[M4F] Safe In My Arms [Aftercare] [Boyfriend] [ASMR] [Cuddles] [Kisses] [Body Worship] ft. [Purrs]

Pampered Girl

[M4F] Pampared Girl [DDlg Boyfriend] [Body Worship] [Gentle] [Kisses] [Massage] [Romantic] [PREVIEW]

Warm Up With Daddy

[M4F] Warm Up With Daddy [DDlg Boyfriend] [Head Kisses] [Blanket Snuggles] [Sweet] [Romantic]

Let’s Make Out

[M4F] Let’s Make Out! [Boyfriend] [ASMR] [Butt Squeezes] [Cuddling] [Kissing] [Romantic] [Intimate]

Beautiful You

[M4F] Beautiful You [Boyfriend] [Beauty Reassurance] [Sit In My Lap] [Butt Rubs] [Kisses] [Love]

Cat Dad Company

[M4A] Cat Dad Company (ft. ASMR Purrs) [Loving] [Boyfriend] [Loneliness Comfort] [Cuddles] [Kisses]

Sunshine Squeezes

[M4F] Sunshine Squeezes [Spring Breeze SFX] [Cuddling] [Sunshine] [Sweet] [Kisses] [Butt Squeezes]

Relax Your Lids

[M4A] Relax Your Lids [Breeze SFX] [Screen Break] [Relax Your Mind] [Toaster Talk] [Goofy] [Sweet]

Cat Dad Calm

[M4A] Cat Dad Calm (ft. ASMR Purrs) [Uncertain times] [Reassurance] [Take A Breath] [Cuddle]

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