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May '22 Releases

[M4F] Sunshine Girl [Gentle MDom] visiting [Secluded] [Outdoor] [Mountain View] [Breeze] & [Warm Sunshine] [Relax in my Arms] [Holding] [Kissing] [Caressing] to [Clit Play] [Thigh Fucking] to [Hand-Holding] [Deep Fucking] [From Behind] [Creampie] [Romantic] [Outdoor SFX]

[M4M] My Top Boy [DDlb] [Top from the Bottom] after [Bath Time] [Instructions] [Body Kisses] [Teasing] [Ass Play] [Face Down/Ass Up] [Rimjob] [Milking] [Fingering] [Anal] [Easy, Baby Boy] [Faster] [Fuck Your Cum Into Daddy] [Creampie] [Mutual Orgasm] [Cockwarming] [Daddy’s Big Spoon] [Praise] [Romantic] 🏳️‍🌈 

[M4F] Home Again [Gentle MDom] [Exes-to-Lovers] [Stopping By] for some [Paperwork] [I’ll Get Out Of Your Hair] [But…] [Confessing Feelings] [Against The Counter] [Kissing] [Touching] [Rimjob] [Clit play] to [Deep Pounding] [From Behind] [Reclaiming You] w/ [Possessive] [Creampie] [Praise] [Aftercare]

[M4F] Spa Day [Gentle MDom] [Erotic Massage] at [BnB] [Warm Oil] [Strong Hands] to [Body Kisses] [Ass Play] [Hitachi Wand] on [Body] then held [Between Your Thighs] [Handjob] [Orgasm] during [Blowjob] to [Missionary] [G-Spot Fucking] [Creampie] [Aftercare] [Check-Ins] [ASMR Relaxation SFX]

[M4M] Little Bro [MDom] [CNC Roleplay] [Frat President/pledge] [Special] [‘Private’] [Initiation] for a [Coveted Position] as my [Personal] [Fucktoy] [Degradation] [Handcuffed] to [Post] [Paddle Spanking] [Facefuck] then [Hard] [Anal] to [Possessive] [Claiming] [Creampie] [Keep it in] [Good Boy] 🏳️‍🌈 

[M4F] Pause Menu [DDlg] [Needy Baby] [Video Games] on [Daddy’s Lap] but you’re [Wiggling] & [Squirming] [Kissing] [Cuddling] to [Cockwarming] but [Daddy’s Can’t Hold Out] so [Gentle Manhandling] [Lap Sex] [Clit & Nipple Play] to [Mutual Orgasm] [Creampie] [Aftercare] [Romantic]

[M4F] Close Up [Filthy Whispers] [Candid] [Dirty Talk] topics include… [How Hot It Is] to watch it go [In-and-Out] [Filming It] so [We Can Watch] [Messy] [Cum Play] [Teasing] & [Fucking] [Slapping my Cock] [In My Hand] [Play Along] [Cum for Me] ft. [ASMR] [Theta Waves] [Binaural Beats]

[M4F] Stress Relief [DDlg] [Daddy Came Home Stressed] but [You’re Asleep] [Headphones In] [Toy Out] [Grr…] [Rough] [Punishment] [Bondage] [Hitachi Wand] [Forced Orgasms] [Cock-on-Face] & [Tit] [Slapping] [Facefuck] to [Belt-Spanking] [Condescension] [Doggie] [Punish-fuck] [Pounding] [Creampie] [Gentle Aftercare]

All that plus a solo video!

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