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Discord is an online chat community that allows me to interact with lots of you wonderful folks at once. We have lots of themed text channels, places to share cute pics, and give me live content feedback! It’s available for both desktop and mobile devices, click here to download the app.

Although I’m not chatting or available on discord all-day/every day, I love checking in and sharing little slices of life. They could be  live-posted photos from a Grand Canyon sunrise or little videos when the neighborhood cat, Melon, comes by.  We try and do at least a once-monthly voice chat game night/hangout where you can play jackbox or just hang out and lurk in the text chat.

How Do I Get Access?

Every ~45 days I’ll post a link in the premium feed that grants complimentary access.  Once clicked, Memberful will ask you to grant discord permissions.  Once you approve, you’ll be granted access to the discord server where you can interact with me and HUNDREDS of friendly filthies like you.  Just click the links when I post them to maintain (or regain) your access

Important Notes For Fun & Safety

Please remember this is my place of business, so its my job to keep a welcoming and inclusive environment for both long-time and first time users.  I’ve given instructions to my moderators to ensure that we’re keeping chats appropriate for their threads, and I ask you please respect their instructions.  I’ve personally created a set of rules & guidelines, and by accessing the server you are agreeing to abide by them.  Please take 20 seconds and review them in the #Welcome room before you get started. 


Although we have some NSFW channels to link my content and discuss other adult topics, the atmosphere of our server is generally safe for work.  Sexting or play between server members does not happen in our chat rooms and is not encouraged (keep that to your DMs pls). I make porn and I’ll always make certain you guys know where to find it, but discord for us is to hang out and have a good, wholesome (yet perfectly fun & filthy) time.

- Jim

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This site contains sexually oriented adult material intended for individuals 18 years of age or older. If you are not yet 18, if adult material offends you, or if you are accessing this site from any country or locale where adult material is prohibited by law, PLEASE LEAVE NOW! If you understand and accept these terms, you may proceed. 

…Either way, have a great day! :D